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clay, bones and stones are available for a variety of natural installations:
Natural paint and plasters- Natural plasters and paints have been found worldwide for thousands of years. These soft, textured non-toxic finishes have been found in the US dating back to 1100-1300AD.
We make these beautiful finishes by hand using non-toxic materials that are found in nature. Always beautiful, never harmful, available in a variety of colours, and textures.

Custom Art- Do you need a focal point for your great room or special detailing at your front entrance to great your guests? clay, bones, and stones can do murals, sculptures and sgraffito carvings into the plaster. We love to create beautiful finishes and objects for your home and life.
Straw Bale construction was developed in the Nebraska sandhills when the baler was invented in the late 19th century. Since then we have learned much about using this local waste product to create super insulated wall systems. This 'super insulation' reduces energy costs, sound transfer and creates beautiful thick wall systems.
Ovens- Earth ovens are made by most cultures around the world. These wood-fired beauties can be made from simple materials like clay, sand, straw, and stone.
Outdoor kitchens and wood-fired cob ovens are a beautiful addition to any home and keep you in contact with the elements. Food cooked in these wood-fired ovens in unrivalled in taste!

Light Straw Clay- also known as 'slipstraw' or Leichtlem, is a technique brought to the US from Germany. These natural wall systems use straw and clay to build walls with increased 'R' value and no toxicity. The straw-clay mix is compressed between forms within the framing. Similar to straw bale, Light Straw Clay provides increased insulation and limits sound transfer, but without the thickness of a full straw bale.


I love teaching, this is one of my passions. I have taught over 100 workshops within Canada and United States.
I have taught the hands-on building component for New College of California's EcoDwelling program and for Dominican University's EcoDwelling program.
In addition to teaching natural building workshops independently, I teach as part of larger programs  such as The Living Environments Module at the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui, or natural building segments for Permaculture Design courses.
I am also proud to say that I teach the 'Woodshop for Women' class at the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center.
Please call me if you have an educational needs. I am available for teaching workshops, or giving slide show presentations on a variety of natural building techniques.


I offer consultation services in person or via telephone. Consultation rates are charged based on an hourly fee. Please contact me to set up an appointment.

I look forward to hearing from you!
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